Saturday, April 30, 2005

Rose Gold

It's a shame that Stone Love's Rose Gold rhythm is so great, yet all the officially released voicings so uniformly craptacular. However, listening to a mix picked up in Crown Heights, Brooklyn it became clear that there are, in fact plenty of other quality versions not to be found on seven. Some are original specials, but a lot of the best are overdubs of lyrics first recorded for the Dancehall Rock, like Assassin's "Do It If Yuh Bad" and Spragga Benz's "Put Foot Ova", which you might also have heard atop grimester Lethal Bizzle's FWD rhythm a while back. Anyway, less waffle mo' music...

Do It If Yuh Bad - Assassin

Put Foot Ova - Spragga Benz

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Aboriginal Rockers

A late return to action, but hopefully this latest offering will make it worth the wait. Gloopy like molasses, the Forbidden Dance rhythm is underpinned by a quiet roar of didgeridoo. Rather than sounding Afro Celt hippy-dippy, though, it’s slick and bouncy, and the best of the voicings are lent a weird out-of-place-and-time dissonance by the instrumental. Cobra is, of course, wicked, his statesmanlike nonchalance working perfectly over the loose, loping beats. Ce’Cile and Macka Diamond, meanwhile, give the fellas a right lyrical trouncing, but the version is a pleasure in itself.
In other news, dancehall is infiltrating the most unlikely critical quarters. You’ll see what I mean in about 10 days, but for the time being, let’s just say exciting and somewhat unexpected things are afoot in the world of Breaking Ranks.

Fordidden Dance - Version

Mad Cobra – Pan It

Macka Diamond & Ce’Cile - Kuff

Friday, April 15, 2005

News (Passing It On And Being In It)

Firstly, if you're wondering why Breaking Ranks has been so quiet, it's because I had an unfortunate accident a couple of weeks ago (I'll say as little as possible about it because it's embarrasing - ok, ok I fell over, but I *was* sober), and did my back a right mischief which has led to me being stuck on the couch, sozzled on a pile of turbo painkillers, watching too much daytime TV and saying "ouchbloodyhellshitbastardthathurts" a lot.
Secondly, if the pictures disappear from this blog, it's because of recent crazymental traffic, thanks to The Guardian linking up The Ranks, Tofu Hut and a bunch of others. Always nice when the national press takes a bit of interest in what goes on here, so big up Chris Alden and welcome to all you new visitors - I hope you'll enjoy what you find.
Now that I can get out of the house, tonight I'll be hotfooting it down to the Heatwave dance at the Rhythm Factory in Whitechapel, East London. It'll be LARGE, with a special ragga-flavoured guest MC performance from grime star Riko, of the Roll Deep crew, Gabe, Gerv, wicked reggaeton and me and some mates drinking and yelling "pull up" a bit too often.
Normal "legally grey" MP3 service resumed tomorrow.