Thursday, January 27, 2005

Ruff Ride

I like Turbulence a hell of a lot. He doesn't get talked about enough, despite being a key member of the Xterminator crew – one of the best roots sounds going. To redress this balance a bit, I'm going to offer up the brand new "I Will Survive", on Mikey John's cracking Lion Paw, "Golden Touch", a barnstorming old favourite on In The Streetz's Violin, and the classic "Ethiopia Awakes" on the Shanty Town. Fasten your seatbelts.

I Will Survive – Turbulence

Golden Touch – Turbulence

Ethiopia Awakes – Turbulence

Monday, January 24, 2005

Best Present Ever

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Pull Up!

Another mix for your listening pleasure, this time dancehall segueing into a splash of reggaetòn at the end. Naturally, I think everything on it's great but if forced to pick two stars out of the whole set, they'd have to be Macka Diamond, who's on fire right now, and Wayne Wonder for "Jah Love", his gorgeous version of the He Speaks Rhythm. Hit the title to download and see what you think...

Reggae, Ragga Y Reggaetòn (January 2005)

He Speaks riddim

Give Thanks - Vybz Kartel
Version - Free Willy Productions
Do Something - Beenie Man (excerpt)
Twisted Road - Sanchez
Jah Love - Wayne Wonder

Nature riddim

Love Is Real - Daville
Push Push - Anthony B
Don't Be Ashamed - Sizzla

Fife riddim

Living Right - Vybz Kartel & Wayne Wonder
Fan Dem Off - Daville

Double Barrel riddim

Whey It Fah - Macka Diamond
Bad Mine - Red Rat
Lock Di City - Sizzla
Famous People - Elephant man
Touch Me If Yuh Bad - Vybz Kartel
Set Up Yourself - Timberlee & Flava Unit
Excitement - Bounty Killer

Slow Bounce riddim

Call Out Mi Name - Macka Diamond
Where's My Friend - Tanto Metro & Devonte
Trouble - TOK
Big Man Thing - Vybz Kartel
Anger Management - Bounty Killer

Black Attack Riddim

Put It Een - Macka Diamond
Sen Dem - Vybz Kartel
Wine It Up - Daville
God Line - Elephant Man

Lean Back (Remix) - Terror Squad feat. Tego & Tony Touch
Yo Quiero Bailar - Ivy Queen
Dem Bow (Remix) - Wisin y Yandel
Oye Mi Canto - N.O.R.E feat. Daddy Yankee, Nina Sky, Gem Star & Big Mato

Friday, January 21, 2005

Bit Of A Night Out

Hi folks, sorry for the lack of postage this week, it's been a bit of a busy one. However, you can catch me playing records tonight, right here...

Those nice Heatwave folks have brought me in as a last-minute ringer and I'll be on until about 11.30, but the rest of the night looks like it'll be pretty tasty, too.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

I Don't Know What You've Been Told...

But, as far as I'm concerned, Tanya Stephens is, by a country mile, the best and most interesting artist working in Jamaica right now. Every version she cuts manages to stand out head and shoulders above everyone else's—and not just because she's a ballsy, talented lady working in what's still essentially a man's world. Regardless of gender, she's an incredible live performer, with a playful lyrical intelligence that precious few can match.
Those of you who downloaded the first mix on Breaking Ranks will already be familiar with the irresistible martial stomp of the Military rhythm and, as you can probably imagine, Tanya's great on it. However, for some unknown reason, her cut won't be getting released at all. Can't even begin to guess why, because it's terrific. But hit the link below and you'll be able to make up your own minds.

T.A.N.Y.A - Tanya Stephens

Friday, January 14, 2005

Techno Spam

Ricardo Villalobos

In the past three days I have received unsolicited emails from Bettie Beltram, Jean Atkins and Geraldo Villalobos.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Real Deal?

I'm not big on "reality" TV, not least because it's usually a long, long way from any kind of normality I want to imagine. However, a show I unfortunately managed to catch while in the States last week finally made me realise it has all gone way too far.
Ok, we've had semi-famous nutjobs making all manner of dicks of themselves, especially in the current Celebrity Big Brother (which horrified me as soon as I got home – Germaine, what were you thing of, love?), and ordinary Joes and Josies entering into bizarre contracts of wilful self-abasement just to gain their 15 minutes in the spotlight, but I had thought that the small army of pretty regular-looking women who underwent months worth of painful plastic surgery and banishment from their families to be "miraculously transformed" into The Swan represented this particular branch of popculture's lowest ebb.
Not a chance, er... baby. Who's Your Daddy takes that award, hands down. If you've not seen or heard of this tank of televisual sewage, count yourself lucky - it's fucking awful, involving an adopted person who has never met their father, a bunch of actors pretending to be him and the real dad. The point of the show is for the adoptee to pick their real parent out of the imposters so as they can be reunited... oh, and win a cash prize. Now, is that not just vile in every sense?
Right now the only reality TV show I want to see is one I just thought up, entitled Similarly Named Celebrity Job-Swap. First episode featuring Lil Jon and Richard Littlejohn. Any more suggestions?

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Let's Get It Reggaeton

Developed a bit of an obsession with Puerto Rican bashment while I was away, particularly great tracks like"Papi Te Quiero" on Tony Kelly's Buyout rhythm and "Yo Quiero Bailar" on Jeremy Harding's Liquid rhythm, both by Ivy Queen (above). Give me a little time and I'll throw a short mix of this stuff up. Of course, it'll have to include the truly cracking "Oye Mi Canto" by N.O.R.E feat. Daddy Yankee, Nina Sky (below), Gem Star & Big Mato...