Sunday, May 29, 2005

Watch Your Step


Breaking news: looks like I'm heading out to Houston in July to do a couple of pieces on the city's hip-hop scene for a posh British mag and an even posher newspaper. Even though I'm told it's going to be disgustingly hot and humid at this time of year, especially for a cold-weather critter like me, I can't wait. It's been two months since my last stint overseas and I have seriously itchy feet again, plus I'll be there for my birthday doing all the things I love best: drinking cold beer in the sun, eating my bodyweight in barbecue (I'm told Texans work a wonderful kind of magic with gargantuan slabs of red meat and charcoal), meeting new people and researching a story about a style of music I've come to adore. What's not to be happy about? Talking of trips, today's track is by Trina & Lil Wayne, telling you not to do it. First encountered on Swishahouse's The Final Chapter 2K5 mixtape, I haven't been able to get enough of its spine-crushing ravesynths and ball-busting attitude since...

Don't Trip - Trina & Lil Wayne