Sunday, May 22, 2005

Screw You!

Mike Jones

Whodathunk it would take this long to finally get some hip-hop into Breaking Ranks? It’s not that I don’t listen to and love the stuff, rather that the vast majority of it is so much the soundtrack of our lives I’ve not really seen much merit in using precious server space to host it—that and the fact that a stack of other blogs are covering it in much more depth and with far more vision than I could manage (hey, what do you mean dilettante? I’ll have you know that keeping up with Jamaica is enough work as it is). However, thanks to the back injury, for which I was prescribed enough codeine painkillers to knock out a small rhino, I’ve lately come to appreciate screwed and chopped Texan shit in a way I never had before. Of course, what I had managed to pick up was always interesting, some pretty special in fact, but I could never say that I really got it. In my two-week, medically sanctioned, couch-bound pharmaceutical haze, though, it was all I wanted to listen to and even now I’m back on my feet, straight and alert, regular rapping just sounds too fast, too pumped and too in my poor old face. No, on a easy Sunday morning, I want it sloooow; thick and slippery like dirty motor oil…

Icey - Gucci Mane feat. Young Jeezy & Boo
Taken from OG Ron C's Spring Break 2K5 mix CD.

Turning Lane - Mike Jones
Taken from the album Who Is Mike Jones? Screwed & Chopped By DJ Michael Watts.

Beautiful - Christina Aguilera
Taken from CD#1 of OG Ron C's Fuck Action 40 mix set.

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