Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Dozy Doogz

Not a new rhythm, but I haven't been able to get enough of Steely and Cleevie's Sleepy Dog. There's no sign of it going away just yet, either, so I'm not the only one—must be something about that wicked, old-school-style Casio bounce and the crunchy, brittle percussion that does it. Check Buju Banton for the punchiest version, Famous Face for the one that makes you think of hitting the dancefloor and Mr Vegas for that lazy, languid vibe.

Ride This - Buju Banton

Mixing Board - Famous Face

Some Gal - Mr Vegas

Oh, and before I forget it's Ladies' Night at Heatwave this Friday, featuring No-Lay, South London's first lady of grime. You know the drill—Whitechapel, Rhythm Factory, great tunes, nice people, me drunk and dancing. Next month I'll be playing with DJ C, who I last gigged with in New York, so brace yourselves. Support this night, it's fun and good for you!