Friday, February 18, 2005

Just For U

Been a bit quiet lately, what with horrible news hitting blogworld (friend, supporter and inspiration to many of us, Nick Kilroy was buried today – rest in peace, mate) and a huge amount of work, but Breaking Ranks is back. Now, I've never been much of an Ashanti fan; always thought her a perfect example of form over content (probably not entirely unrelated to the fact that it's pretty damned tough to find a picture of her with clothes on). But Only U, her new single, has knocked me for six—a massive, boombasstic guitar lick, sparkling programming and a great vocal... what more do you want, really? I'm not going to post the original because you should all own it by now, anyway, so here's a wicked reggaeton refix. Enjoy.

Only U (Reggaeton Remix) – Ashanti