Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Real Deal?

I'm not big on "reality" TV, not least because it's usually a long, long way from any kind of normality I want to imagine. However, a show I unfortunately managed to catch while in the States last week finally made me realise it has all gone way too far.
Ok, we've had semi-famous nutjobs making all manner of dicks of themselves, especially in the current Celebrity Big Brother (which horrified me as soon as I got home – Germaine, what were you thing of, love?), and ordinary Joes and Josies entering into bizarre contracts of wilful self-abasement just to gain their 15 minutes in the spotlight, but I had thought that the small army of pretty regular-looking women who underwent months worth of painful plastic surgery and banishment from their families to be "miraculously transformed" into The Swan represented this particular branch of popculture's lowest ebb.
Not a chance, er... baby. Who's Your Daddy takes that award, hands down. If you've not seen or heard of this tank of televisual sewage, count yourself lucky - it's fucking awful, involving an adopted person who has never met their father, a bunch of actors pretending to be him and the real dad. The point of the show is for the adoptee to pick their real parent out of the imposters so as they can be reunited... oh, and win a cash prize. Now, is that not just vile in every sense?
Right now the only reality TV show I want to see is one I just thought up, entitled Similarly Named Celebrity Job-Swap. First episode featuring Lil Jon and Richard Littlejohn. Any more suggestions?