Saturday, January 15, 2005

I Don't Know What You've Been Told...

But, as far as I'm concerned, Tanya Stephens is, by a country mile, the best and most interesting artist working in Jamaica right now. Every version she cuts manages to stand out head and shoulders above everyone else's—and not just because she's a ballsy, talented lady working in what's still essentially a man's world. Regardless of gender, she's an incredible live performer, with a playful lyrical intelligence that precious few can match.
Those of you who downloaded the first mix on Breaking Ranks will already be familiar with the irresistible martial stomp of the Military rhythm and, as you can probably imagine, Tanya's great on it. However, for some unknown reason, her cut won't be getting released at all. Can't even begin to guess why, because it's terrific. But hit the link below and you'll be able to make up your own minds.

T.A.N.Y.A - Tanya Stephens