Saturday, December 18, 2004

Normal Service Resumed

Blame it on a pint or two of Guinness over the recommended limit, but I hit the wrong button last night and didn't publish the post I had lined up for you. To make up for it, today's a double-whammy...

Real Rock

One of the most crowd-pleasing rhythms of the year, King Of Kings' Dancehall Rock is also one of the most innovative and playful. Backed by Fisher-Price "My First Pantera Record"-style, plasticky guitar riffs and crunchy, driving percussion Ce'Cile and Beenie Man seek and find pop perfection, Elephant Man goes crazy-hype, and Spragga Benz offers a version you may recognise as the original source of the vocals for his cut of grime's FWD riddim. Check 'em out...

The Thing - Beenie Man & Ce'Cile

Ova Di Wall - Elephant Man

We Ready - Spragga Benz

Gangster Ride

Distilling all the manic joy of soca into one record is a tough brief to fill, but Destra Garcia manages it with the thrilling "Bonnie & Clyde". Dedicated to Simon Silverdollar and the rest of the crew who turned out for August's absolutely berserk 70 Degrees party in Kentish town—best night out I've had all year.

Bonnie & Clyde - Destra Garcia