Monday, December 13, 2004

New Leaves

Included toward the end of the big ol' mix posted below, man of the moment Donovan Bennett's Drop Leaf is a late-running contender for the top spot in my end-of-year rhythm chart.
Lacing a loose skank with Don Corleon's now-trademark flamenco guitars, it's perfect for calmer, more contemplative voicings (give or take Tanya Stephens' killer lines about running off with her no-good dawg of an ex's screwdrivers and powerdrills)—so much so that even Bounty Killer drops the Warlord schtick and turns all Mr Loverman.
With precious few people having had anything good to say about Jamaican music over the past few months, it seems like the ideal way to end a turbulent 2004. So here's the version and two more cuts from Maxi Priest and TOK.

Drop Leaf Version - Donovan "Vendetta" Bennett

I Believe - Maxi Priest

When U Cry - TOK